Fitness First - Late Charged Because Credit Card was Stolen

Levittown, Pennsylvania 0 comments

My credit card was stolen and when I updated it with Fitness First it was passed the due time and they charged my $25.They were not rescind the fee even though it was my first time and it was not my fault.

Most of my other credit cards will credit your account if it is your first time, but not Fitness First. The lady wouldn't even budge and I feel that is terrible customer service.

I will definitely write a letter to the corporate offices and see if they have anything to say.I have a 750 credit score and always pay my bills.

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Fitness First takes money (steals)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 comments
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I had to move and gave them notice I was moving.They did not process my notice until 11 days after and billed me for 2 months after that.

They take a month upfront (prorated) I consulted them about this and they refunded 1 month and refused for the other two. They said I needed 30 days notice which is fair enough. I feel they owe me 1 more month back but they refuse. Buyer beware.

In all the facilities are nice but they just continue to bill.

Their contracts have endless loopholes.I find it best to avoid this gym altogether.

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Fitness First - This is rediculous!

Sheffield, England 1 comment
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i am a member of fitnessfirst in wakefield.

i have problems which i dont know how to solve.

from the time i joined ths club 24 november 2010, i only had someone to help me ony fo 1 day and i always see orter peple getting help when i get none.i still dont know how to use some of the equipment there.

i feel desriminated because it seems im proper not treated like evry one and not treated like everyone ealse.i am also having problems with getting to a clss, i wish but i dont know how to.

i joined the club last year in November but i have not got any member benefits.



well sorry to hear that but it's what goes as normal practice in most gyms.If your not paying for a personal trainer they're really not to appt to help you.First get a good book on exercise and study up as to the machine and how to use them or be-friend people like me who are gym rats.I've been around gyms 34 years and have seen huge changes.When you join a gym's back in 70's they had people there who were there to guide and help you at no extra charge.Now you join your on your own unless you pony up big bucks.There are some really good books out there now a days to walk you through your workouts but you have to do the work.Some people have to have someone pushing them or they can't get motivated so the bottom line is you have to make sure your in it to the finish line.

Fitness First - Terrible Service - Sign Petition to Improve UK Gyms

London, England 0 comments
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Please sign my petition at to try and force London gyms to improve their service and re-think their pricing models.

I have been a member of most of the big gym chains in London (including LA Fitness, Fitness First and Virgin) and they continue to amaze me with how appalling the service is and what a bad service experience they provide.

The service is dire and they truly do not care about their customers - I know of no other business which could offer such poor customer service and stay in business.

The facilities aren't normally that good however that isn't my major gripe as they are generally clean. If you do compare them to facilities in the US though they are a lot busier and have less facilities and equipment available per member.

The worst thing however with gyms in London is the sales staff. Unbelievable people. They will literally tell you anything in order to get you to sign up. Will I get a free massage every day, of course sir; Will I be able to get a free burger and chips with each sesssion, why of course madam. The worse thing is there is no come back to these guys and there are very few alternatives, so the customer has very little power in the relationship. The number of stories I have heard where people have been mis-lead into signing a long term contract are most worrying.

For this service we have the privillege of paying somewhere between £30 - £100 per month! Have you ever actually worked out how much that costs per session? If you compare that to gym memberships in the US which average at c.$30 a month even in big cities we can be paying up to 3 to 4 times more than our transatlantic friends!

I have left all gyms behind me and am now enjoying sport at a new sports and social club called 'Come Play Sport' which is more fun, sociable and much cheaper! Until London gym's start concentrating on the customer, re-think their pricing models and invest in modern facilities I won't be going back soon. Hopefully this petition will encourage more people to do the same and force the gym chains to take some action.

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Fitness First - FF scammed me for £300

London, England 0 comments
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FF has appalling service, they truly do not care about their customers and the sales staff are worse than estate agents!

The contracts are also a joke - I got charged for £300 pounds to sever my contract as I was moving to a new city - how can a business like this still be in business?

The facilities are always dirty, and they actively try and discourage people from coming else it gets too busy.

I have left and am now enjoying sport at a new sports and social club called 'Come Play Sport' which is much more fun! I am never going to be tied into another long term contract again!

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